Diving into Dental Care in Upper Roseville, Newark NJ

Dental care is more than just a mere service for residents of Upper Roseville, a neighborhood in Newark, NJ. It’s an essential part of their community health and well-being. Nestled among bustling streets, vibrant cultures, and a population of approximately 20,000, Upper Roseville boasts a variety of dental services designed to cater to its diverse community.

A Dental Overview: What’s Available?

Upper Roseville is blessed with multiple dental establishments, all aimed at providing a range of services from general check-ups to sophisticated procedures. Whether you’re seeking a routine cleaning, considering veneers, or curious about the advancements in teeth whitening, a clinic in Upper Roseville is ready to welcome you.

Spotlight on Key Clinics

1.     All City Dental Services:

Standing prominently with its 3.3-star rating based on 30 Google reviews, this clinic is a familiar name in Upper Roseville’s dental realm. Located conveniently at 639 Mount Prospect Ave, the clinic remains accessible to residents from Monday to Saturday. What sets All City Dental Services apart? Their commitment to leveraging the latest technology ensures their patients receive efficient, pocket-friendly care.

2.     Kau Ying C DMD:

This establishment, positioned at 375 Roseville Ave, is another gem in the heart of Upper Roseville. With a 3.7-star rating from Yelp, based on three reviews, it showcases a dedication to general dentistry. Open from Monday to Friday; it’s perfect for those who prefer weekday visits.

3.     Sedation Dentistry Center of Michigan:

Although a tad removed from the heart of Upper Roseville, this center offers a unique specialization in sedation dentistry. However, its location at 16211 E 11 Mile Rd, Roseville, MI, makes it a slightly longer drive for Upper Roseville residents. Open from Monday to Thursday; it’s an option for those seeking specific sedation dental services. However, it’s 1-star rating on Google based on a single review warrants some research before booking an appointment.

In Conclusion: A Smile Worth the Effort

Seeking dental care in Upper Roseville, Newark, NJ, is all about choices. The neighborhood provides a gamut of services to ensure every resident finds their perfect fit. While the options are abundant, it’s always wise to delve deeper, reading reviews and seeking personal recommendations to make the best dental decision for your needs. After all, a smile is an investment, and in Upper Roseville, it’s worth every penny!


1        How many dental clinics are there in Upper Roseville?

Upper Roseville is home to several dental clinics, each offering various services. Some of the most popular include All City Dental Services, Kau Ying C DMD, and Sedation Dentistry Center of Michigan.

2        What dental services can I avail of in Upper Roseville?

Dental in upper Roseville Newark NJ services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, dentures, and even specialized treatments like sedation dentistry.

3        Are there any weekend dental clinics in Upper Roseville?

Yes, All City Dental Services in Upper Roseville operates from Monday to Saturday, making it a convenient option for those who prefer weekend appointments.

4        How do I choose the best dental clinic in Upper Roseville?

It’s advisable to consider the ratings, reviews, services offered and the technology employed by the clinic. Personal recommendations from residents can also be invaluable.

5        Are there clinics specializing in cosmetic dentistry in Upper Roseville?

Absolutely! Upper Roseville boasts dental clinics that offer cosmetic procedures ranging from teeth whitening to veneers.

6        Is sedation dentistry available in the neighborhood?

Yes, though slightly farther from Upper Roseville’s core, the Sedation Dentistry Center of Michigan specializes in sedation dentistry services.

7        How reliable are the online ratings of dental clinics in Upper Roseville?

Online ratings, like those on Google or Yelp, provide insight into patient experiences. However, conducting thorough research, reading multiple reviews, and even seeking personal recommendations before finalizing a dental clinic is always recommended.

8        Do dental clinics in Upper Roseville accept insurance?

Many dental clinics in the area accept insurance, but it’s crucial to confirm with the specific clinic beforehand and get details about their insurance plans.

9        Can I book an appointment online with dental clinics in Upper Roseville?

Many modern dental clinics in the area offer online booking services. It’s best to visit the clinic’s official website or contact them directly for booking options.

10    How often should I visit a dentist in Upper Roseville for a routine check-up?

It’s generally recommended to visit the dentist for a routine check-up at least twice a year. However, more frequent visits might be necessary based on individual dental health.





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