8 Best Ways To Learn Mandarin Quickly

The rise of China as a global economic superpower has made Mandarin more important than ever. As well as opening up business and travel opportunities, it provides insight into Chinese culture and history. Many people often wonder how long does it take to learn chinese? The idea of learning such a complicated language intimidates them. 

Don’t worry! We will show you eight effective ways to learn Mandarin quickly so that you can get started on your journey to fluency right now!

Benefits of Learning Mandarin

How long does it take to learn chinese? Mastering this language can yield many benefits, both personally and professionally.

Being proficient in Mandarin can give you an edge when applying for jobs or promoting within international companies with offices or operations in China or other Asian countries like Singapore, where Mandarin is an official language.

Therefore, learning Mandarin is worth considering, whether you are looking to enhance your career prospects or expand your cultural horizons.

8 Best Ways To Learn Mandarin Quickly

Achieving mastery of Mandarin can be expedited with effective methods and appropriate resources. How long does it take to learn chinese? here are eight effective ways to learn Mandarin quickly:

Use Apps and Online Courses

Apps and online courses provide a convenient and efficient way to learn Mandarin rapidly. Popular language-learning apps like Duolingo, Memrise, and Rosetta Stone offer easy access to Mandarin lessons through mobile devices and computers. These apps offer interactive exercises, vocabulary lists with native speaker audio recordings, and grammar explanations in English and Chinese characters. 

They also customize learning plans based on individual levels and progress. For a more structured learning experience, various online courses are available on platforms like Coursera and edX, taught by experienced instructors at the university level. Additionally, websites offer free resources such as language exchange services (e.g., Tandem) and Chinese news sites (e.g., The Chairman’s Bao), catering to different character preferences.

Utilizing apps and online courses is highly effective for quick Mandarin learning, providing flexibility in terms of schedule and location, along with comprehensive self-study materials.

Find a Tutor or Language Exchange Partner

One of the most effective ways to learn Mandarin quickly is by finding a tutor or language exchange partner. Platforms like HelloTalk, and Tandem provide opportunities to connect with native speakers from China and other Mandarin-speaking countries. Setting clear goals and expectations for each session is important when seeking a tutor or language exchange partner. 

This can involve practicing specific grammar points, improving pronunciation skills, or having conversations about everyday topics. Regular communication with a native speaker not only improves Mandarin proficiency but also provides cultural insights. Having someone to practice speaking with helps build confidence in using Chinese outside of the classroom. 

How long does it take to learn chinese? Finding a tutor or language exchange partner offers a fast track to Mandarin learning while fostering meaningful connections across cultures.

Immerse Yourself in the Language

Immersing yourself in the Mandarin language is a highly effective method for rapid learning. This involves exposing yourself to the language in various ways, such as watching Chinese TV shows and movies to familiarize yourself with spoken Mandarin and gain insights into Chinese culture. Listening to Mandarin podcasts and music enhances listening skills and expands vocabulary. 

Reading books and newspapers in Chinese, starting with simpler materials, aids in language immersion. Regularly conversing with a native speaker not only allows for consistent speaking practice but also provides valuable cultural insights. While immersion may initially pose challenges, once you have a grasp of basic vocabulary and grammar, it becomes an efficient approach for quickly acquiring new language skills.

Take a Class

Taking a Mandarin class (Taipei Language Institute) is a highly effective method for learning the language. With an experienced teacher guiding you, you can receive valuable feedback and corrections. Consider your goals and learning style when selecting a class, as they can vary in focus and difficulty level. Classes provide structured lessons, gradual progression, and opportunities to practice with classmates. 

Regular attendance promotes accountability. It’s essential to research different class options, considering factors such as cost, format (in-person or online), group or individual lessons, and compatibility with your budget and schedule. Ultimately, classes offer structure, guidance, and interaction with fellow learners and native speakers, enhancing the Mandarin learning journey.

Watch Chinese Movies and TV Shows

Watching Chinese movies and TV shows is an excellent and enjoyable method for rapidly learning Mandarin. It exposes learners to authentic language usage and cultural nuances. This practice enhances listening skills, expands vocabulary, and familiarizes learners with various accents and dialects. 

Watching with subtitles in both English and Mandarin allows for comprehension and acquisition of new words and phrases. Choosing shows or movies based on personal interests, such as action films or romantic comedies, enables learners to enjoy familiar content while practicing their language skills. Incorporating Chinese media into language learning routines offers an immersive experience outside of traditional classroom settings, proving to be an effective and enjoyable approach.

Listen to Podcasts and Music

Listening to podcasts and music is an effective way to rapidly learn Mandarin. It improves listening skills and provides natural practice for speaking and understanding Chinese. Various podcasts cater to different learner levels, focusing on vocabulary, grammar, or sentence structure. 

Choosing podcasts that align with your level and preferences is essential. Chinese music aids in language learning, especially songs with clear lyrics that allow for easy comprehension and singing along once familiar with the words. Repetition is crucial, so listening to the same episode or song multiple times helps one understand every word. 

Seeking content created for native speakers promotes authentic language usage. Incorporating podcasts and music into daily routines add enjoyment and reduces stress while learning Mandarin quickly.

Read Books and Newspapers in Chinese

Reading books and newspapers in Chinese is a highly effective method for improving language skills. It enhances vocabulary acquisition and exposes learners to diverse sentence structures and writing styles. Starting with children’s books or beginner-level short stories establishes a foundation in grammar and vocabulary before progressing to more complex texts like news articles or opinion pieces. 

It’s normal to encounter challenges initially, but taking time to read each sentence and using a dictionary when needed is helpful. Highlighting unfamiliar words for later reference is also beneficial. Reading out loud aids in pronunciation and comprehension, even if it feels uncomfortable initially. 

How long does it take to learn chinese? Incorporating reading into the language learning routine expands knowledge and offers engaging content to enjoy while progressing in Mandarin proficiency.

Talk to a Chinese Person

How long does it take to learn chinese? Talking to Chinese people is one of the best ways to learn Mandarin quickly and improve conversational skills. Interacting with native speakers offers exposure to slang, idioms, and expressions not commonly found in textbooks. Online language exchange platforms like iTalki or HelloTalk connect learners with native speakers worldwide, while local Meetup groups can facilitate in-person conversations. 

When conversing, clear communication and asking questions are important. Making mistakes is part of the learning process, so embracing them is important. Patience is key, and initial difficulties should not discourage learners.

Preparing conversation topics in advance provides meaningful discussions, allowing learners to inquire about culture, hobbies, and interests, expand vocabulary, and build rapport.

Talking with Chinese people is an invaluable resource, providing real-life context and feedback for improvement while offering an enjoyable experience in the language learning journey.


Learning Mandarin is a rewarding journey that requires dedication and patience while providing personal and professional growth and a deeper connection with Chinese culture. Accelerating the learning process can be achieved through technology, classes, tutors, language exchange partners, and immersion in various media forms. How long does it take to learn chinese? The timeframe for learning Mandarin varies based on individual factors, with fluency attainable in months or years. 

Enjoying the learning process, celebrating small achievements, and embracing mistakes while practicing speaking are essential. By combining dedication, patience, and the mentioned methods, mastering Mandarin and learning the language quickly is achievable for anyone.





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