How to Support Australian Businesses in 2023

The Australian business landscape is constantly changing and evolving, presenting a range of challenges for businesses to navigate. By the end of 2023 and beyond, the economy as we know it now will have changed in many ways yet again. If you want to support Australian businesses but don’t know how, you’re in the right place!

Shop Local – First and foremost, shopping local is the best way to support Australian businesses. Whether it’s from your corner store, online retailers, or larger chains, buying directly from the business helps them keep their doors open and supports economic growth in the country. Rather than looking online for items, see if there’s a local store that holds the item you need. Who knows, you may just discover a local business that you didn’t even know existed.

Attend Local Events – Attending local events is another good way to support Australian businesses. From art shows to farmers’ markets, these events provide a platform for local businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. By attending, you’re exposing yourself to potentially hundreds of new vendors, giving them much-needed exposure and showing them that their business matters. For example, it could be a country show with endless stalls of goodies to explore.

Spread the Word – Engaging with local businesses on social media allows you to show your support. Not only does it help spread awareness of the business, but it can also act as an endorsement and encourage others to shop at the business. Share posts from local businesses, like their content, comment on their posts, and give them honest feedback when asked – all of these actions signal your support and appreciation for what they do.

Donate Your Time – Elsewhere, some people choose to volunteer at a local business to help. By donating your time, you’re going a step further than just buying from them or sharing their content – you’re actively engaging in the business itself, helping it grow and making a difference in someone’s life. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities available, from charities to social enterprises. So, if you have free time and feel passionate about supporting a local business, then volunteering is an excellent way to do it.

Look Local First – As mentioned earlier, looking for products or services within your local area first is a fantastic habit to develop. By doing so, you’re reducing carbon emissions and giving back to the community. If searching for something online, make sure to look for Australian-made or locally sourced items first before going outside of the country. For example, Feliz Homes provides Australian-made furniture so you know that you’re supporting the local economy.

Why are Australian Businesses Important?

Australian businesses are extremely important to the growth and success of our economy and the well-being of its citizens. By supporting local businesses, you’re helping to create jobs, stimulate innovation and technology, foster entrepreneurship, provide diversity in markets, and create a strong customer service industry – all essential components for national development.

Furthermore, many small businesses become larger companies that eventually employ more people, contributing to overall economic growth and stability; this helps to create a more prosperous society, by providing Australians with jobs and career opportunities.

Let’s support Australian businesses today!





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