How to test the Facebook lead form

An excellent way to create a prospect database is by using Facebook lead forms. But sometimes, getting them to operate correctly might be difficult. This article will teach you how to test Facebook lead forms to ensure that they work perfectly and that your campaigns run smoothly. 

What is Facebook’s testing tool for lead ads?

The Lead Ads Testing Tool from Facebook is a built-in tool on Facebook that lets you send test leads to your Facebook Lead Forms and see how they’ll be handled. It’s beneficial to check how the charges are sent and manage to ensure everything works as it should. 

This tool also lets you see what a lead sees and submits when they click on one of your ads. This way, you can enhance the process to get more or better leaders. By testing the forms, you’ll be able to find problems like too many questions and answer choices that users might not like and fix them. Not only that, but the test submissions made by the Lead Ads Testing Tool help you figure out how bids will come in. It enables you to know where to make the right changes.

The Lead Ads Testing Tool offered by Facebook is an excellent and convenient way to improve your lead form and ensure that any integrations are set up correctly, and that leads can be found where you need them. It is an effective solution on how to test Facebook lead forms. 

How to Use Facebook’s Testing Tool for Lead Ads

You can only use the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool on a web browser, which means you can only use it on a laptop or desktop. You can’t get to it through the mobile web or the Facebook app on your phone. 

  • is where you can find the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool. 
  • Click “More” on the site’s menu once you’re there. 
  • You will now see some choices. Select Tools. 
  • Click the RTU debug tool link for Lead Ads at the bottom of the new tools page.
  • You can now start sending test leads on any of your Facebook Pages and Lead Forms. 

How do I use the Facebook Lead Advertising Testing Tool for submitting test leads?

After accessing the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool, you can choose any Facebook Page and Lead Form and send test leads. But remember that you can only send one Lead at a time per Lead Form. You may send generic information or manually complete the lead form.

How to Submit a Default Test Lead:

Suppose you want to test your Facebook Lead Ad integration with a customer relationship management system or a connector tool like Zapier. In that case, you may do so by submitting test leads automatically without having to enter any information. This helps ensure that leads are directed to the appropriate department. However, it pays less attention to the format and lead fields specifically. For a standard test procedure, please see below.

  • Choose the page that you’re interested in getting test leads from.
  • Go to the Lead Form.
  • If there is any lead, clear it.
  • Choose the “New Lead” option.

How to Submit a Customised Test Lead:

Follow these steps to send a customised test lead so you can test the user interface and layout of your lead form right down to the actions and fields:

  • Choose the page from which you wish to obtain test leads.
  • Choose the “Lead Form” option.
  • If there is any lead, clear it.
  • Select the Preview FormNow; you will view a preview of your form.
  • Input the information, and then click “submit.”

How do I use the Lead Ads Testing Tool to check leads?

You can use the Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool to test a CRM integration or an API. For example, if you’ve set up a system to send you instant lead alerts or to download leads to your CRM or a spreadsheet automatically, you can use the Lead Ads Testing Tool to see if it works right. Also, the tool lets you learn how people use it, so you can fix any problems before a real lead comes across your lead ad form.

You can get test leads through CSV downloads and any integrations you’ve set up. But Facebook’s Leads Center doesn’t show them. If you’ve already linked a CRM to Facebook Lead Ads, you should get test leads on your CRM if everything is set up right.

Final words:

It’s essential to test an ad before putting it out there. It lets you see what the final product will look like and find and fix mistakes before you publish it, so you don’t waste actual leads. You can do just that with the fantastic Facebook Lead Ads Testing Tool. It is easy to get to and use. This tool’s only drawback is that you can’t use it on your phone.

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