Industrial Piercings: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting One

A little bit of pain for a lot of gains. That’s the motto many people follow when getting industrial piercings. From its altered design to its unique healing process, an industrial piercing is an experience unlike any other—one that has been gaining more and more popularity over the years. Deciding whether or not to get one can be challenging, though; there are so many questions one has to ask themselves before taking the plunge into body modification. If you’ve ever even considered getting an industrial piercing, this blog post is definitely for you! Read on to find all your answers about what it entails, how much it costs, the potential risks involved, and why it might be worth considering!

What exactly are industrial piercings?

Industrial piercings are one of the more unique types of body modification, and they involve two holes in your ears connected by a single piece of jewelry. This type of piercing is often considered an extreme form of body art due to its placement and boldness, but it can also be stylish! The name originates from the term “industrial strength” and references how tough the piercing can be to heal.

What are the benefits of industrial piercing

An industrial piercing is an exciting and unique way to express yourself. It consists of two holes connected by one barbell and typically sits in the upper cartilage of your ear. This type of piercing has been around for decades, but it’s recently become more prevalent due to its distinct look. Here are seven benefits of industrial piercings that you should be aware of.

1. Less painful than other types of piercing: Industrial piercings can be painful, but they’re less bitter than different types of piercings like nose or lip piercings. This is because the area where the piercing is done is made up mostly of cartilage, which doesn’t have as many nerve endings as skin does. That means that it won’t hurt as much when you get pierced! 

2. Easy to care for: Another great benefit is that industrial piercings are relatively easy to care for since there isn’t a lot of skin involved in the process. You will need to ensure the area stays clean and dry, but other than that, there isn’t much else you need to do! 

3. Versatile look: One significant advantage of getting an industrial piercing is that you can customize your look with different styles and jewelry colors. Whether you want a sleek steel bar or a bright-colored gemstone piece, you can make this piercing yours by choosing something that expresses your personality and style! 

4. Makes a statement without going overboard: With an industrial piercing, you can make a bold statement without going too far overboard with your look. While other types of piercings may seem too extreme or intimidating for some people, an industrial piercing gives off an edgy vibe without being too out there or overwhelming for others! 

5. Can be worn anywhere: Another great thing about this type of piercing is that it can be worn anywhere – from work to a night out on the town – without drawing too much attention (unless you want it to). So if you want something subtle yet stylish, this could be the perfect option! 

6. No age limit: Unlike certain types of piercings (like nose piercings), which are only appropriate for specific age groups, anyone can get an industrial piercing no matter their age! So don’t worry if you think you might be too old or young – this type of body modification is open to everyone who wants it! 

7. Lasts longer than other piercings: Finally, one last benefit is that an industrial piercing tends to last longer than different types because there isn’t as much movement in the area where it’s placed as compared to, say, a belly button or tongue piercing (which have more training). This means that your piercing will stay looking fresh for more extended periods! 

What you should  know before getting an industrial piercing:

If you’re considering getting an industrial piercing, there are a few things that you should know beforehand. For starters, make sure to choose a reputable piercer who has experience doing these types of piercings. It’s also essential to research luxury earrings and the materials they use before getting pierced – this will help ensure that your piercing heals properly and looks great! Finally, be sure to take proper care of your piercing by keeping it clean and following any aftercare instructions given by your piercer.

Industrial piercings can be a great way to express yourself and add some edge to your look – do your research first and find the right luxury earrings for you!

Buying industrial piercing earrings online

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If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself through body modification, consider getting an industrial piercing! It looks fantastic and edgy and has various benefits, including less pain during the process, easy care requirements, and versatility when styling your jewelry options. Plus, it’s suitable for all ages, so that anyone can try this trendy body mod! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find the perfect piece today – we guarantee you won’t regret it! You can buy the best luxury earrings at Assolari. Co.





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