Loranocarter+Dublin: A Creative Powerhouse in Ireland’s Design Scene

Loranocarter+Dublin is a design studio based in Dublin, Ireland that specializes in creating visually stunning branding and design solutions for clients across various industries. Founded by husband-and-wife duo Lorna and Carter, the studio has been making waves in the Irish design scene for over a decade.

Design Philosophy

Loranocarter+Dublin’s philosophy is centered around crafting timeless design solutions that resonate with clients’ target audiences while staying true to the brand’s core values. The studio believes that design should look visually appealing, solve problems, and enhance the user experience. They prioritize research, collaboration, and innovation to produce impactful strategies that deliver results.

Services Offered

The studio provides various design services, including branding, graphic design, web design, packaging design, and photography. Each project is approached with a customized strategy that aligns with the client’s goals and objectives. Loranocarter+Dublin’s team works closely with clients throughout the design process to ensure the final product is tailored to their unique needs and preferences.


Loranocarter+Dublin’s branding services include logo design, brand strategy, and brand guidelines. The studio understands the importance of creating a strong brand identity that speaks to the target audience and sets the client apart from the competition. They conduct in-depth research to gain insights into the client’s industry, competitors, and target market, which helps to inform their design decisions. The resulting branding solutions are visually striking, memorable, and resonate with clients’ audiences.

Graphic Design

The studio’s graphic design services encompass various applications, including print and digital media, advertising, and promotional materials. They have a keen eye for detail and strive to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to read and understand. Loranocarter+Dublin’s graphic designs are clean and modern, effectively communicating the intended message.

Web Design

The studio’s web design services focus on creating user-centric designs that are easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. They specialize in developing responsive websites that work seamlessly across all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Loranocarter+Dublin understands the importance of creating a positive user experience, so they prioritize usability and accessibility in their web design projects.

Packaging Design

Loranocarter+Dublin’s packaging design services are geared towards creating packaging solutions that are visually appealing and functional. They understand that packaging plays a critical role in the success of a product, which is why they work closely with clients to develop packaging designs that look great and protect and promote the product effectively. The studio’s packaging designs are creative, unique, and eye-catching.


In addition to their design services, Loranocarter+Dublin also offers professional photography services. Their team of photographers specializes in product photography, lifestyle photography, and commercial photography. They use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to capture stunning images that showcase clients’ products and services in the best possible light.

Themes and Inspiration

Social and political issues and the natural world often inspire Loranocarter+Dublin’s work. Many of their pieces explore social justice, environmental conservation, and human rights themes, using art as a tool for activism and awareness-raising.

In addition to their political and social themes, Loranocarter+Dublin’s work also draws inspiration from the natural world. Loranocarter’s paintings often feature sweeping landscapes and vibrant flora, while Dublin’s street art pieces depict animals and other wildlife. When the two artists collaborate, they often create works that celebrate the beauty and diversity of the natural world.

Exhibitions and Installations

Loranocarter+Dublin’s work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces across Europe. Their installations often incorporate painting and street art elements, creating immersive and interactive environments for viewers.

For example, in a recent exhibition, Loranocarter+Dublin created an installation that explored the theme of human rights. The building featured a series of murals, paintings, and street art pieces depicting human rights aspects, including freedom of speech, gender equality, and the right to a fair trial. The installation also included interactive elements, such as a VR experience that allowed viewers to explore different building parts in 3D.


Loranocarter+Dublin is a leading design studio in Ireland that offers a comprehensive range of design services. Their design philosophy prioritizes innovation, collaboration, and research to deliver impactful design solutions that solve problems and enhance the user experience. Loranocarter+Dublin is poised to continue making waves in the Irish design scene for years with a focus on creating timeless designs that resonate with clients’ audiences.

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