“Prosus’ Strategic Investment in Avito: Driving Growth in Russia’s Online Classifieds Market”

Prosus is a leading global consumer internet group operating in over 80 markets. The company focuses on online classifieds, food delivery, payments, and fintech. One of Prosus’ most significant investments is in Russia’s largest online classifieds platform, Avito.

Avito is a marketplace for buying and selling goods and services in Russia. The platform has more than 40 million unique visitors monthly, and its mobile app has been downloaded over 50 million times. Avito is the leading player in Russia’s online classifieds market, with a market share of over 75%.

Prosus Russia: Overview and Investment Strategy

Prosus Russia is part of Prosus, a global consumer internet group that invests in technology companies worldwide. The company’s investment strategy focuses on identifying and investing in high-growth technology companies in emerging markets. Prosus Russia focuses on the Russian technology sector, which it believes has significant potential for growth and innovation.

In addition to Avito, Prosus Russia has invested in several other technology companies in the region. These include Delivery Club, an online food delivery service, and Ozon, a leading e-commerce platform in Russia. Prosus Russia has invested in several fintech companies, including Tinkoff Bank and Mobi.Money.

Prosus Russia’s investment strategy is centered on identifying companies with high-growth potential, strong management teams, and a competitive advantage in their respective markets. The company’s expertise in the technology sector and its global reach give it a unique perspective on emerging markets, which it leverages to identify promising investment opportunities.

Avito’s Growth and Process Support

Since Prosus’ investment, Avito has continued to grow. In 2020, the platform’s revenue increased by 17%, and its gross merchandise value (GMV) reached $12.8 billion. Avito has also expanded its services beyond online classifieds. The platform now offers financial and insurance services and a job search feature.

Prosus has been instrumental in supporting Avito’s growth. The global consumer internet group has shared its product development, marketing, and technology expertise. Prosus has also helped Avito with strategic acquisitions. In 2020, Avito acquired a majority stake in Youla, a leading online marketplace in Russia. The purchase was part of Avito’s strategy to expand into new verticals and increase its user base.

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In February 2021, Bloomberg reported that Prosus was considering a sale of a portion of its stake in Avito. The sale could be worth up to $5 billion and would be one of the largest tech deals in Russia’s history. The news caused a stir in the market, and Avito’s share price jumped by more than 10%.

The Prosus Russia Avito 6bprinsloobloomberg deal is significant for several reasons. First, it highlights the strength of the Russian tech market. Avito is just one of several successful tech companies in Russia, and the country has become a hotbed for innovation in recent years. Second, the deal shows the value of partnerships between global consumer internet groups and local companies. Prosus’ investment in Avito has been a win-win situation for both companies, and the potential sale of part of Prosus’ stake will only further cement their partnership.

Prosus’ Future Plans

Prosus’ investment in Avito is part of the company’s broader strategy to expand its presence in the online classifieds market. The global consumer internet group also owns OLX Group, which operates online classifieds platforms in more than 40 countries. Prosus has said it plans to continue investing in online classifieds and other high-growth internet sectors.


Prosus’ investment in Avito has been a success story for both companies. Avito has continued to grow, expand its services, and cement its position as Russia’s leading online classifieds platform. Prosus has supported Avito’s growth and shared its expertise in product development, marketing, and technology. The potential sale of part of Prosus’ stake in Avito highlights the strength of the Russian tech market and the value of partnerships between global consumer internet groups and local companies.

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