Unlocking Performance: A Guide to Adding 16GB Extra RAM & BGMI Lag Fix on 2GB RAM Systems


In the fast-paced gaming world, no one wants to be held back by lag or stutters. Especially when playing games like BGMI, a smooth experience is crucial for enjoying the game to the fullest. This article delves into how to add 16GB extra RAM and a specific BGMI lag fix for 2GB RAM systems, covered in detail on add 16GB extra ram & bgmi lag fix 2gb ram article #143 technomindujjwal.net.

Why Adding Extra RAM is Essential

Understanding RAM

RAM, or Random Access Memory, is a critical component of any computing device. It affects how fast and efficiently the system can run applications, including games like BGMI.

Benefits of Adding 16GB Extra RAM

Increasing RAM to 16GB can significantly impact system performance, making your gaming experience much smoother and more responsive.

How to Add 16GB Extra RAM

Choosing the Right RAM

Ensure that you choose the compatible RAM type for your system. Look into specifications like DDR type, frequency, and latency.

Installation Guide

  1. Power off the System: Always start with the system powered off.
  2. Open the System Case: Be gentle and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Insert the New RAM: Place the new RAM in the vacant slots or replace the old ones.
  4. Power on and Test: Turn on the system and check if the additional RAM is detected.

BGMI Lag Fix for 2GB RAM Systems

Understanding the Lag Issue in BGMI on 2GB RAM

If you’re facing lag issues in BGMI on a system with only 2GB RAM, the problem might stem from the limited memory.

Steps to Reduce Lag in BGMI

  1. Update Graphics Drivers: Make sure your graphics drivers are up-to-date.
  2. Lower Game Settings: Reduce graphics settings within the game.
  3. Close Background Applications: Minimize other applications using RAM.
  4. Consider Using Game Boosters: Various software can optimize the system for gaming.


Adding 16GB extra RAM can significantly enhance your gaming experience, especially in memory-intensive games like BGMI. Also, by following the BGMI lag fix guidelines for 2GB RAM systems as shared on add 16GB extra ram & bgmi lag fix 2gb ram article #143 technomindujjwal.net, you can make the game much more enjoyable.

This article’s information is an invaluable guide to unlocking performance, proving that a few strategic updates and adjustments can make a difference in your gaming experience.


1.      Can I add 16GB of extra RAM to any computer system?

No, the motherboard must support the additional RAM. Always check the motherboard’s specifications to ensure compatibility.

2.      What type of RAM should I buy?

The RAM type must match your system’s specifications. This includes aspects like DDR type, speed, and latency. Consult your system’s manual or a professional technician for guidance.

3.      Will adding 16GB of extra RAM automatically improve BGMI performance?

While more RAM generally improves system performance, BGMI lag may be related to other factors like graphics settings or background applications. Following the complete lag fix guide can provide the best results.

4.      Can I fix BGMI lag on a 2GB RAM system without adding more RAM?

Yes, lowering game settings, updating graphics drivers, and using game boosters can help. However, adding more RAM will likely provide a more significant improvement.

5.      How do I know if the new RAM works after installation?

After installation, your system’s BIOS or operating system should detect the new RAM. You can also use third-party software to verify the upgrade.

6.      Is it safe to add 16GB extra RAM myself?

Following proper instructions and taking necessary precautions (like grounding yourself to prevent static), you can usually install the RAM yourself. However, if unsure, it’s always best to consult a professional.

7.      Where can I find more detailed instructions on adding 16GB extra ram & bgmi lag fix 2gb ram article #143 technomindujjwal.net?

Detailed instructions and guidance can be found by visiting the mentioned link. Make sure to consult this authoritative source for tailored advice and support.

8.      Can the BGMI lag fix work for other games?

Many of the lag fixes, like updating drivers and optimizing settings, can also apply to other games. However, some game-specific adjustments might vary.

9.      Will adding more RAM affect other applications besides games?

Yes, adding more RAM improves the system’s overall performance, allowing other applications to run more smoothly and efficiently.

10. Is there any risk to my system if I incorrectly follow the BGMI lag fix for 2GB RAM systems?

Incorrect adjustments to system settings can cause instability or other issues. Always follow instructions carefully, and consider professional guidance if needed.


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