Wedding Dress Necklines & How To Pick The Right One In 2023

If you’ve already started looking for your wedding gown, you’ll agree that a lot goes into finding the right one. Apart from the fabric and style of the wedding dress, another critical factor to focus on is the “neckline.” Should you go for a wedding dress V-neck gown or pick one with a sweetheart neckline?

The bottom line is that many different wedding dress necklines exist today. Your choice of the right one depends on many factors, including your taste, body tone, and body type. Read on to discover how to pick the right neckline for your dream wedding dress.

1. Sweetheart neckline

A wedding dress neckline is known as “sweetheart” if it’s low in the front and high in the back. That’s not all; the neckline shape also comes with a heart-like design.

The wedding dress’s sweetheart neckline is not for everyone. You should go for it if you want to create the illusion of your curves. That’s so because the neckline helps point up your décolletage, giving you a leaner appearance.

Furthermore, the sweetheart neckline style is not ideal if you are too busty. If you must go for this style, the best you can do is choose the semi-sweetheart neckline style, which features a V shape that’s less prominent compared to the sweetheart style.

2. Wedding dress V neck 

The wedding dress V-neck bridal gown is another popular style you can opt for today. This style comes with a neckline that dips the front into a V-shape. It also (sometimes) dips down in the back in a V shape. This type of neckline will only help to de-emphasize your bustline.

As with the sweetheart neckline, wedding dress V-neck bridal gowns are only ideal for women with B or C cups.

3. Straight across the neckline 

Wedding dresses with a straight across neckline are designed with a simple strapless cut across the chest. This style is similar to the sweetheart neckline, as it also helps to point up your collarbone and décolletage.

Women with smaller shoulders should avoid wedding dresses with a straight neckline. That’s so because this style is only suitable for people with broader shoulders.

4. Wedding dress “off the shoulder” neckline

Wedding “off the shoulder” necklines are popular on bridal gowns today. This style is prevalent for brides hosting their weddings during the summer months or on the beach.

As the name suggests, the “off the shoulder” wedding dress has a neckline below the shoulders. The purpose of this design is to highlight your shoulders and collarbone. This off-the-shoulder style usually comes with sleeves that keep the upper arm covered. 

Avoid a dress with an “off-the-shoulder neckline” if you have broad shoulders or fuller arms. This style is most suitable for brides with a pear shape and a full chest.

5. Illusion neckline

The illusion neckline is one of the few bridal gown necklines that have increased in popularity in recent years. Many people go for this style because it’s ideal for all body shapes. This style comes with a sheer fabric, such as lace or tulle, along the top of the bodice. It gives an illusion of a strapless gown when the material extends from the bodice’s top over your shoulders.

6. Strapless neckline

As the name suggests, wedding dresses with strapless necklines are designed with no straps. This style is perfect for busty brides. However, you should avoid it if you’re busty or have a smaller chest. Instead, women with busts, great collarbones, and shoulders can opt for this style.

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