Weekend for Fun: 5 Ways to Spend Time in Pune if Your Have Just Shifted There

Some dynasties have come and gone in Pune, the “Cultural Capital” of Maharashtra. Pune, the former capital and a source of great pride for the Marathas, is today a flourishing city with much to see and do. This list of weekend activities in Pune will likely leave you exhausted if you intend to see the city next Saturday and Sunday. Worry not! Get out of those Pune hotels and check out the places we’ve suggested for you to see. But before that, we must also tell you that you can now go for tv rental and almirah on rent in Pune too and stay within your budget.

1. Entertainment Ads By Adlabs Imagica Superior Example

Adlabs Imagica is well-known across Maharashtra as a breathtaking amusement park that welcomes visitors of all ages. Located in Khopoli, this amusement park spans 130 acres and has a Tourist Attraction, Gambling Zone, and Hotel. 

This destination is making its name one of the best locations to visit in the Pune area thanks to its wide variety of activities. Authorities will go beyond to assist with transportation and planning any major event, whether a wedding or a company picnic. Without a doubt, it is among Pune’s most popular tourist destinations. 

2. Pune’s Shaniwar Wada Palace Is Worth A Visit

The Shanivar Wada Mansion is an absolute must while in Pune. The palace is known for more than just its beauty; it is also said to be haunted. Pune, in Maharashtra, is home to the royal fortress known as Shaniwarwada. Peshwas, rulers of the Maratha Empire, laboured on it in the eighteenth century. It’s well recognised as one of Maharashtra’s most genuine destinations.

It is well-known for both its verifiable accuracy and its eerie atmosphere. A horrible murder, spurred on by political passion and covetousness, stained the true history of this fort. The walls of this outpost have heard a horrible story of evil at play, and you can feel the spectral figures’ presence even now. One of India’s most haunted places is the village of Shaniwarwada.

3. Experience Calm at the Osho Ashram

A visit to the peaceful Osho Ashram is just what the doctor ordered for a frazzled mind. An auditorium at the ashram is kept silent for the many meditation classes offered there. The ashram also has a 12-acre park with well-tended plants. The Shunyo Foundation constructed this Japanese Zen garden. To enter the ashram, prospective guests must submit pictures, pass an HIV test, fill out an application, and buy robes.

4. Pune The Okayama Friendship Garden: A Place of Peace and Beauty in Nature

The Okayama Friendship Gardens is a popular tourist attraction and local hotspot in Pune, India. It is India’s most extensive Japanese park and a popular hangout for locals and visitors alike in Pune. You may enjoy the outdoors for various reasons, like getting fresh air, having a picnic, and socialising with loved ones. Consider this information if you are planning a trip to Pune with a group of friends.

5. Timezone Entertainment

Virtual gaming is the first thing that springs to mind when we think of cool things to see and do in Pune. We hope you’ll agree that this is a perfect example of why we advocate for Timezone Entertainment. 

Here, you may lose track of time while engaging in virtual bowling or go-kart racing activities. There is no minimum age to enter this gaming area! The good times never cease, whether you’re a 50-year-old single parent or a parent bringing your 5-year-old child. That’s one of the most kid-friendly spots in all of Pune.


Pune has so much to offer that a day will not be enough time to see everything. Why not stay longer or go back to Pune? If one of these is the case, you should book your hotel well in advance to ensure your comfort and choice.

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