What is VPN Reselling and How Does It Work

Virtual Private Networks provide a safe and secure means to communicate online. Users can protect their online identity via IP address masking and manage encrypted traffic to their devices, eliminating any chances of data theft and hacking.

As a result, VPN services have become increasingly popular in both B2C and B2B sectors. The growing trends in VPN usage also open a new business niche for VPN enthusiasts, where they can resell VPN services under their unique brand name. In this post, we will explore VPN reselling and how it works.

What is VPN Reselling?

VPN reselling refers to buying VPN services in bulk and reselling them to the customers as your brand. So, you don’t need to create your VPN technology. Instead, you can get VPN services from a reputable provider. More importantly, you can sell these services after rebranding them as your own.

Regarding technicalities, reselling is much simpler as it doesn’t involve the development phase of a VPN service. You don’t need to be a networking expert or tech guru to launch your VPN business. If you have a customer base, you can develop a VPN infrastructure for your customers faster without worrying about the development cost.

How VPN Reselling Works

VPN reselling is quite a simplified process. If you want to start a VPN reselling business, the following steps will demonstrate how VPN reselling will work for you.

Buying VPN Accounts

Firstly, you must buy VPN accounts from a trusted service provider. Depending on your budget and expected customer bank, you can start by purchasing several VPN accounts at wholesale prices.

As VPN reselling is becoming a business trend, the demand for bulk buying has increased substantially. Therefore VPN service providers now offer reseller programs that allow them to make better profits by selling to potential resellers at reasonable wholesale prices.

Therefore, most resellers start by signing up for a VPN reseller program. Generally, VPN providers ask for your contact information, business details, and payment information while setting up your reseller account.

Rebranding Your VPN Service

Rebranding is the best part of VPN reseller services. Regardless of where you purchase your VPN accounts, you can sell them to your customers by brand name. Hence, it’s an ideal option for small businesses and young entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in the VPN business sector.

When you sell VPN accounts by your brand name, you can bypass budget constraints related to VPN development and maintenance. You can use your brand name for marketing on your website, social media pages, and other channels.

Setting Retail Prices

Once you have the accounts, you can set your profit margins and sell the VPN accounts to end users. The pricing plans can vary according to the geolocation and demand. Typically, the average monthly cost of a VPN service ranges from $10 to $15.

The price variation is based on how many features and customer support you offer to your customers.

Setting Up Billing Management

Billing management refers to how your customers will pay for the services. Typically, most VPN services provide online payment options for monthly and annual packages. Depending on your customer’s preferences, you can add credit card payment options and online transfers.

Business Management and Updates

Adequate management and regular updates are critical for VPN resellers. VPN technologies continue to increase, so you must provide up-to-date features and services to your customers to ensure better customer retention.

Moreover, VPN reselling business management involves cash-flow management and resource optimization for better profits.


VPN reselling is an excellent option for young business owners who want to enter the VPN market. It’s a low-investment option and requires minimal technical expertise. If you can ensure quality customer support and attractive pricing, you can establish a strong foothold in such a competitive market niche.

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