Why Steel Targets Are a Good Choice

Unlike paper targets, steel targets ping when hit, so you immediately know whether you hit or missed. They also provide a more challenging shooting experience and are more durable than paper targets. You should follow manufacturer guidelines regarding safe distances, caliber, and bullet type restrictions to use steel targets safely. They should also be hung or mounted correctly to reduce the danger of ricochets.


Shooting steel targets can be fun and rewarding but dangerous if not used correctly. Proper safety guidelines, including minimum safe distances and caliber/bullet type restrictions, must be followed. The best and safest ammo to use on steel targets is frangible, which disintegrates upon impact, limiting shrapnel and ricochet potential. Unlike paper targets, which only make an indentation on their surface, a hit on a steel target can be heard with the sound of a “ping!” A pinging target gives the shooter fast feedback and helps them develop their shooting technique by giving them a more accurate idea of where their bullet struck. It is important to use quality steel targets and hang them at the correct distances from the firing line to reduce the likelihood of them becoming damaged. When a target becomes bent, cratered or dented, it can send a dangerous ricochet in unpredictable directions, potentially putting others at risk of injury.


A great steel target is made from high-quality, heat-treated armor steel that is hard and able to absorb bullet energy. The thickness of the metal target also makes a difference, as thicker targets hold up to more rounds before they need to be replaced. The angle of a mark also impacts durability, as steeper slopes reduce the likelihood of bullet fragments ricocheting back at the shooter. When you purchase a quality steel target, it will last for years and can withstand thousands of shots before needing to be patched up or replaced. These durable targets will save shooters time and money in the long run as they can be used again. Lastly, steel targets are more fun than paper targets, allowing the shooter immediate audio confirmation of a hit. This feedback helps to program muscle memory and improve shooting accuracy over time. It is especially helpful when practicing tactical movements or gun fighting with a partner.


When a bullet hits a steel target, it rings, and you know whether you hit the mark. This immediate feedback eliminates the pause of checking a paper target to see whether you scored a hit or missed. When used properly, steel targets can be extremely safe. However, they require additional safety precautions compared to shooting at paper targets. All manufacturers have guidelines to help you use steel targets safely. These usually include proper hang distances, caliber and ammunition type restrictions, and angling your target to help reduce the risk of dangerous ricochets. Using the correct steel thickness for your target can also make it safer, as can avoiding marks with dings or indents. These can send a bullet in unpredictable directions, putting you and other shooters at risk. Following manufacturer guidelines, practicing good gun safety, and being careful can prevent nearly all ricochet accidents when shooting steel targets.


Steel targets are a great way to have fun at the range. There is nothing quite like the sound of a copper-jacketed bullet crashing into high-quality steel, and they provide instant feedback that helps improve shooting skills. Whether you are training for self-defense, hunting, or just hanging out with friends at the range, steel targets offer a fun and engaging shooting experience. Just be sure to use basic gun safety rules when shooting at any type of target, including steel targets. To be safe, you should always keep a minimum of 25 yards between your steel targets. Hitting closer can cause splatter back and be dangerous, especially with magnum rifle rounds. The thickness of the steel target and its hardness rating will determine how close you can get safely. You should also always use frangible ammunition on steel targets to reduce the risk of injury. These types of ammunition will disintegrate upon impact, making them much safer than traditional full metal jacket rounds.





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